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Add information worth remembering to a collective memory.


Polarity then uses computer vision to recognize what is on your and your co-workers’ screens in real-time.


And overlays relevant contextual data from the collective memory onto anyone’s screen when they need it.

Solving the Data Awareness Problem

Awareness - Lack of collaboration across teams and workflows lead to mistakes in analysis.

Recall - Whether you’re an analyst looking for threats, a sales rep looking at leads, or a support team member helping a customer, time is spent looking up information. Studies show 19% of the work week is spent on search.

Polarity augments your screen with important information in real time. Imagine onboarding a new employee who through on-screen overlays gets contextual information without needing to ask co-workers or look things up. Instantly a new employee has every CIDR range, past investigation, organization acronym, partner, competitor, threat, hostname, etc. “memorized”.

How it works

Who uses Polarity?

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2 of the Top 3 Banks

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Credit Bureau

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Largest Private Equity Firm

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Leading Equipment Manufacturer

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One of the Largest Health Insurance Providers

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Top 3 Credit Card

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Big 4 Consulting

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US Government/Defense

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Managed Detection and Response Firm

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One of the Largest Global Security Companies

international media company

Leading International Media Company

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We’re pleased to announce the newest version of Polarity which introduces a number of high impact capabilities to our community of users.

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